How to Write Cover Letter the Simple and Effective Way

Want to know how to write cover letter effectively?

When you are applying for a job, the first and most important item that you need is to have is a resume that tells the potential employer exactly what your skills are, and how you could be an asset to that company.

It should be neat, easy to read, and professional in style, but writing cover letter is equally as important, so don’t neglect in sending one of these.

This is how the potential employer gets to see a ‘snapshot’ of who you are, and how you fit with your resume. If how to write a cover letter has been holding you back, look no further, below is an outline to follow.

The purpose of writing cover letter is to present yourself as such an interesting contingent for the position that they call you for an interview. How to write a cover letter is a style that you will easily learn.

There is one format that works above the others. It is a three paragraph method, which will professionally sum up information that you want to make sure the employer sees. Here is the outline for how to write cover letter.

You do not want your cover letter to be long and wordy, for that defeats the purpose. The entire letter, address, your name and your information, should all be on one page. Here is how to write cover letter:

  • First paragraph three of four sentences to introduce yourself, the position you are applying for, and how you found this opening if it was from a mutual acquaintance or another employee.
  • The second paragraph is the ‘meat’ of writing cover letter. There is no need to repeat your resume, so you will select two or three relevant experiences that relate to the position, and describe how you were instrumental in their success. Keep it very positive. You want to keep it professional. Let the last sentence be a summary of those experiences.
  • Third paragraph three or four sentences to state why you would fit this position, refer to your resume, and then make sure to thank the reader for their time. This is imperative, and also let them know if you plan on following up with a call, or a letter, in the near future.

If you do not take the time writing cover letter, you will have lost, before you even got started.

Exploring the Splendor of Africa

Vacationing in Africa could be a great pleasure. The continent, however, is immensely diverse and every African country has its own charm. Visiting Africa for a holiday is far more rejoicing than it is imagined to be. Due to the diversity of the continent, all what needs to be done is to plan out what kind of a holiday is desired. Moving from country to country, one experiences the different cultures, flora and fauna, terrain and languages of the continent. Thus an Africa flight can serve for a mind blowing holiday and a lot to discover.


Safaris provides for the ultimate African adventure. In these astonishing animal habitats, the travelers get closer to the animals than they can think of. These are attractive to people of all ages alike. Kenya is the most popular spot for safaris. Botswana’s luxury game camping is a good choice for a more sophisticated animal viewing than an adventurous one. South Africa and Tanzania are also good to visit if one is searching for elephants, rhinoceros, Cape buffaloes, lions and leopards. South Africa is another popular destination for safari lovers. A number of companies are offering cheap flights to Capetown and other cities of South Africa.

Beach Lovers:

Africa is a heaven for beach lovers. Almost all African countries that have a coastal area have splendid beaches. Europeans have been enjoying these since many decades and Americans are now beginning to get attracted towards them. For a perfect beach holiday, the places to visit are Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. The Red Sea Coast of Egypt is ranked amongst the best beaches of the world. South Africa has excellent beaches for sunbathing and surfing. Ghana, along with surfing, offers interesting drumming lessons at its beaches. Just look for some cheap flights to Accra and start a lifetime trip. Kenya has a number of popular beaches especially those on Indian Ocean are some of its best beaches. Seychelles Islands have some very scenic and serene beaches where the white sands of Zanzibar in Tanzania offer, beach experience, history and culture.

Natural Wonders:

The Victoria Falls along the Zambia-Zimbabwe border is one of the wonders of the world. Its being a wonder of the world explains that it just needs to be explored. Describing it in words can not do justice to its beauty. The grand Fish River Canyon is an extremely scenic place in Namibia. It serves for an unusually amazing desert environment and great chances for photography. Floating in the canyon’s hot spring is simply therapeutic.

The tallest mountain of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is a worth visiting place. The forests of Virunga Mountains are simply phenomenal. The desert dunes are numerous in the continent. Dunes of Namibia are wondrous.


Africa is home to great mountains and mountain ranges for trekking. The favorable terrains of Africa and sporty nature of the locals of the continent have resulted in the continent providing innumerable adventure opportunities. Some of the best trekking sites in Africa are: Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Mount Kenya in Kenya, High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and The Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa.


The history of Africa dates back to times before could be written. Hence, the continent has numerous archaeological sites. Egypt and Morocco need no introduction in this regard. South Africa and Tanzania also have some amazing places to visit.

The continent is home to great hospitable people and highly interesting cultures that are many in number. Exciting shopping, from up-scale shopping malls to typical African style bazaars, offers just everything. For an exotic holiday, grab a cheap flight to Africa, save money over ticket and spend it discovering the exotic continent.

Italy vacations

Vacations spots in Italy don’t include the sun. Nor would vacations spots in Italy include beaches, snorkeling, diving and white sandy beaches. What vacations spots in Italy have is heritage, the glory of the empire that had faded, and a testimony of the enduring mankind.

Walking along the streets of Rome can tell you much of history. It should be, since Rome may be the oldest civilization in the human race that exists today. So take note that while most vacations in the pacific would be 100% sunshine, vacation spots in Italy is all about a three millennia legacy.

One of the primary vacation spots in Italy is in the Vatican City. Though Vatican City is considered a separate nation, tourists go to Italy to witness the seat of power of the Catholic Church. Here you will find the most remarkable architectural masterpieces by several celebrated artists. Here you will find Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano by Giacomo della Porta, the Sistine Chapel and the frescoes of Michelangelo and St Peter’s Square designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Rome old town

No other place could have the authentic feel of the age of renaissance because no other place holds an equivalent number of masterpieces confined in one place than the St. Peter’s Cathedral. Even non Catholics flock to the Basilica just to witness the legacy of these greatest masters the world has known: Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Botticelli.

Amalfi Coast is also one of the prominent vacation spots in Italy. Being listed as a World Heritage Site should prepare you for its exceptional beauty. Costiera Amalfitana is a stretch of coastline from Sorrentine Peninsula to Vietri sul Mare. Along the coastline you will encounter rugged terrain, natural beauty, and picturesque towns.

The group of hills in the southeast Rome is also one of the vacation spots in Italy. It is also every wine lover’s paradise. Colli Albani Colli Lanuvini, Cori, Frascati, Marino, Montecompatri Velletri, and Zagarolo; Castelli Romani is definitely a place to be when you visit Italy. Castelli Romani produces the greatest volume of wine for the Italian population.

Castelli Romani is also good for hiking. Hike for the two volcanic lakes near Frascati or trek through the remains of the ancient hill town of Tuscolo.

The collections of the Medici family of Tuscany host the world’s finest collection of Italian renaissance painting. Consider the Uffizi Gallery as one of your vacation spots in Italy. Besides the Florentine works featured in Uffizi, various Italian, Dutch, Flemish arts are represented. Here you can find works by Botticelli, Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Titian and Rubens, even the statue of the Venus of the Medici.

Italy Travel Destinations

So, now you are bored to death while sitting on your chair and waiting for the time to pass. All of your tasks are done, and you are now just filled with thoughts on how you are going to spend your summer break, which are just few days from now. The sad thing is that you have no plans, yet. Then, you start to feel pressured and to look for destination sites on the internet and on the websites of various travel agencies.

You noticed that a very popular destination among all the agencies is Italy, and you already know the reasons behind that. There is no need to wonder why Italy is just one of the most searched and sought after destinations in the world. Italy just has a lot to offer from its many cultures from different times starting from the ruins of the Roman times to the relics of the old Catholic churches, through the huge and outstanding buildings of the Renaissance and still a lot more. Italy is undeniably a must-see country in any person’s lifetime.

No doubt, after a minute or two of looking into the sites about Italy, you’ve come to decide to visit Italy during your vacation. Your concern now is on how you could get there. A lot of people who have been to Italy recommend bus travel since travelling by bus can offer you a different experience. Specifically, if you travel by bus you can experience different places since the bus is going to stop, as well during the long trip. Thus, your adventure is already beginning while you are still on the bus because you will come to see a lot of wonderful spots along the way.

Of course, if you travel by plane you won’t experience stopping from one place to another because your destination is only towards one point to another. Once you arrive in Italy, still the most recommended transportation is by means of bus. If you travel by train, then chances are you need to catch a different train each time you stop. It will really be difficult at some point. So, you might ask, “What can I enjoy in Italy?” Well, you certainly have a lot of things to do, foods to eat and places to visit ahead of you. The most important thing that you will come across in your visit to Italy is your exposure to different rich cultures. You would also enjoy the Italian cuisine, which is famous worldwide and certainly one of the best in the world. Of course, you won’t surely miss to feel the romantic spirit and ambiance of Italy, which is one of the most common reasons why people, especially lovers that keep on coming back to Italy as much as they can.

The bottom line here is that whichever purpose you choose Italy for, you will not be disappointed for sure. Italy just has a lot to offer to a guest and in all its essence and beauty, there is no doubt why it remains a favorite destination from generations to generations.

Entertainment in Cancun

Time traveling 

Cancun ranks among the top tropical island paradises in the world. It is characterized by resplendent beaches, thrilling nightlife, lots of adventure in the outdoors, and top notch air-conditioned shopping malls and spas.

Entertainment in Cancun is plentiful, and Cancun offers the tourist some spectacular views and experiences:

At Xcaret, you will find the Scenic Tower, a rotating 250 ft high tower showcasing a panorama of the sea, land, and sky.

Cancun has numerous play sites including the Parque Nizuc, where people can swim with dolphins. AquaWorld is another spectacular theme park.

Romantics can while away the time at Playa Delfines, which offers spectacular views and perfect sunbathing opportunities.

Enjoy luxurious pampering at the El Dorado Seaside spa and the Spa at The Royal Sands, among other top spas in the area (mostly in the upper-end Cancun hotels). The whole family can visit The Royal Islander for absolute pampering. Royal Sands and the Hilton Cancun are also gorgeous options.

The Playa Kukulcan has an exquisite shopping mall with the same name.

The adventurous at heart can take advantage of various jeep services that will enable them to access the jungle. The local trails have iguana feeding spots and underground caves you can swim in.

If you feel like the sea is the best venue for your adventure, you can go snorkeling or scuba diving in the clear turquoise waters that abound in Cancun.

From a historical perspective, you can appreciate ancient Mayan civilization from the museums, and the ancient ruins notably the El Rey Ruins and the Coba Ruins.

No resort destination would be complete without fine eating spots, and Cancun is richly blessed with many of these. To name but a few we can include the casa O’s Restaurant, the Sunset Grill Restaurant, and the Laguna Grill. Vegetarians are also catered to in Cancun: 100% Natural is one such spot close to the Plaza Caracol Mall.

Italy Travel Packages

A Look into the Past: Italy

 The big cities of Italy are never without the presence of crowds, more so during the peak tourist season wherein every corner is just filled with groups of people. If you travel during this season, you can really expect foot traffic, expensive goods and services and crowded places; but don’t lose hope, as your vacation in Italy doesn’t have to be canceled just because of the crowds. So, instead, you can choose tour packages in Italy that offer exciting tours to the different small cities of the country. With these places in your itinerary, for sure you won’t just enjoy in unveiling the treasures of the cities, but you will also enjoy a hassle and traffic-free getaway. Of course, such trip is a great value for your money. Here are some of the small cities in Italy that you just have to visit and see for yourself.


You should definitely include a visit here to the Most Livable City, which it was awarded in 2005. Mantua is situated between Bologna and Parma and it is a historic city that is encircled by different lakes. You will surely love it for its medieval and Renaissance cityscape. More so, it is also known as the musical hub in Northern Italy. Thus, if you love music you should definitely discover this place for yourself. Mantua is also rich in culture, stylish places, arts, as well as architectural artifacts. The family that plays a very important role in the city’s art and culture is the wealthy Gonzaga Family. As expected, they are also a resident of this city and in fact their home, the Palazzo Ducale is one of the main sights here in Mantua.

You will surely love to know another interesting fact about this small city. Mantua, just like the other cities in Europe, has also served as an inspiration for the names of a lot of places in the world just like Mantua, New Jersey; Mantua, Nova Scotia and Mantua, Utah. See? Now, you know why Mantua sounds so familiar to you when you first heard of it.


If you love to eat and you are a diehard fan of ham and cheese, then you should add Parma into your Italy packages because this city is known for its delicious food. Parma is famous in making the best Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Prosciutto di Parma. Indeed, this city is very rich in gastronomical tradition. You will never be hungry on your stay in Parma. While in the city, you should also try their tortelli d’yer betta and aniline in broth.”  Moreover, this city is not just about food but it is also rich in art, history, and architecture. The University of Parma, which is one of the oldest universities in the world, is one of the main sights that you should see in this city.


Padua is declared to be the oldest city in Italy. Thus, it goes without saying that you can expect to see and be fascinated by its authentic charm and antiquity. You can visit Padua by passing through the two cities of Venice and Verona, and you will know once you are finally there because Padua is a walled city; thus, it is not difficult to notice. One of the famous tourist spots here is the Basilica di SantAntonio da Padova.

Traveling Tips For Visiting Cancun

As in any country or city that you travel to, there are some things you must know so as to have a comfortable and hassle-free visit. The following are some general tips for travel to Cancun:

Taxicabs are available everywhere in Cancun and can be easily identified by their white color and single green stripe. The fare cost on the hotel zone route is the highest, and it is prudent to agree upon a fee with the driver before you enter the cab. The prices for various routes are offered at the hotel lobbies. Local taxis can not drive you from the airport to your hotel (most people have hotel transportation pre-arranged*) but they can do the opposite at the end of your stay. There are transport lines for the airport-hotel route.

*Note that there are many timeshare resorts being developed and sold in Cancun as of this writing. Many visitors report being approached by timeshare salespeople at the airport and it is common for these people to give the impression that they are involved with transporting you to your hotel rather than timeshare sales. ALWAYS arrange your hotel transportation ahead of time and have a voucher. Airport personnel can direct you straight to your waiting vehicle and you will not get trapped into a timeshare presentation unexpectedly.

For local transport while in the city of Cancun, the bus system can’t beat it’s economical and efficient, and provides a great way to get around the city. You will be required to pay a given fixed price for one way, always in pesos (the local currency). At the time of this writing, Cancun has four buses: the R1, the R2, the R15, and the R27. These go to various locations and you should check the destination on the right window at the front of the bus. To stop a bus you have to wave it down. The buses don’t stop at all stages, so you have to ask the driver to stop when you’re ready to get off. Use landmarks to note your direction since most locals have poor English.

Nearly every store and restaurant in Cancun will accept US money and traveler’s checks. Since the exchange rate is mostly in the locals favor you can first exchange your money in the bank’s, exchange kiosks, or hotels. The bank is your best option in this scenario.

It is prudent to drink bottled water while in Cancun, and in Mexico generally. The most common ailment of travelers visiting Mexico is what is (not so) affectionately called Montezuma’s Revenge, which is essentially a stomach bug causing abdominal pain, discomfort, and diarrhea. Drinking bottled water is one way to protect yourself.